Skinny Dip In These Words

November 2013

Who cares about who shares and who doesn't,

who cares about some fight over a second cousin,

when buzzin nothin could stop my emotion,

searching for my care is like looking for a pebble in an ocean,


i'd rather hide behind walls then deal with the falls,

much better to only text rarely then get daily calls,

from the bed to my head, my mind to the time,

i can't keep you out, even creep into my rhymes,


all along i wanted something i never knew,

yet was blinded to the small amount of time that you

really invested in us, false trust for a true nest,

but what's best is i'll end up better after that test,


without us it'll be easy to fly or drive a ship,

without you there constantly keeping my ship docked or my wings clipped,

so go skinny dip in these words, whole image of me upended,

new texts i'm sendin and i hope you're quite offended.

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