The Prisoner

November 2013

Yesterday was the storm warning sent to your cell,

today is waking up to your own hell,

oh well, we tell each other advice to be nice?

or is it twice that we wish to turn our hearts to ice?


big mouthed mice crawling around underground,

on my floor i hear not one word, under sound

is only ground up insults and rumors the mice feed on,

old dead smiles from torn up pictures they sleep on,


beneath my feet lives a true hell, my walls are crumbling,

feelsl ike my room is lowering down, elevator like rumbling,

gears are tumbling and i just sit calmly by

watching everyone and everything change in front of my eyes,


now why try when all it seems to show,

is i'm only good to talk witth about some TV show,

when i know down below there's a me kept prisoner,

and until he breaks free i'll be run by said prisoner.

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