Hear The Static?

November 2013

At the time it was only you,

who could hurt me like the way you do,

now i'm through the slump, hitting well above average,

cutting you off lik the rotten parts on cabbage,


hear the static, why are you even looking?

i turned off your service when you weren't looking,

the hate was cooking and i saw your flaws,

yet can't forget how you made me stronger then i once was,


with no effect-ion why would cause be relevant?

dark is coming, time to light the fire and pitch the tent,

not much of a heaven sent poet but i try my best,

to one day in the future reread each written line impressed,


that regardless of all the stress i picked my head up,

i emptied my hearts bowels when it was fed up,

and when the pace sped up i made sure the brakes

were pressed harder then the hulk pressing down with all his mistakes.

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