Show Em The Way Out

November 2013

I used to say that i'd never leave,

but now i'm forced to adjust to be-leave,

that i snatched the keys but all along

i grabbed the wrong keys, same sad song,


if i stumble and fall i'm sure i'll stand,

take my hands and lift myself off the damned,

understand that you were all that i once loved,

one day in the future you'll want back in, tough,


said you were still in love with me, ight... sike,

then it downgraded to being in like like,

took a hike to redeem myself and woke from that dream,

you never loved me, only loved yourself it seems,


i'm doing just fine now without you,

just today i woke up and picked my chin up without you,

one thing is true, you only see beauty when you get to know em,

introduce em to the door early so later on you can show em.

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