Missed Chance I Still Live With

October 2013

What good is running when it's not in demand?

time to slap away helping hands and make my stand,

one last try and then i'll go,

one last kiss and i'm positive that i'll know


which way my heart wants to go, i'll be more sure,

love and money have made this old boy mature,

the cure is in me, my sanity won't slip,

i'll slip off the insanity and sanely skinny dip,


i'll climb up mountains and walk or swim,

just to get over this past, bounces off the rim,

missed chance, i still live with giving up too,

and with the fact that quitting is what i lived up to,


i will never understand how i fell for such trash,

when i wanted to be the open road instead of a car crash,

no longer something to look at, this accidents picked up,

cleaned of any sign that i fell for her bluff.

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