Don't Want To Be Alone

October 2013

Is it still so much to ask to not be alone,

never acted like a celebrity or sat on a throne,

i've atoned and realized my real mistakes,

shook up my past with sincere apologies, sorry earthquakes,


yet the heart behind the man behind the rhymes,

can't find anything else important in current times,

like a great big flood swept through my mind,

the person i was, was long ago left behind,


could be that there's ntohing else important in

the life that i lead, when does happiness begin?

tired of writing the real, the girl breaks my heart,

all these story ideas need a quick kick start,


soon something will spark the engine deep within,

then and only then will personal happiness begin,

why grin when sinnin' is the norm around town?

instead i'm one of a handful of real men around town.

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