Orthodox On The Black Tops

October 2013

Only gonna get this one chance,

gotta grab her hand and figure out how to dance,

instead i just drink til i head home to laptops,

or find my brother drunkenly beaten after slap box,


time to tap rocks with the fronts of your shoes,

move on with your feet walking like weekend jews,

orthodox on the black tops in black suits,

with black top hats always traveling in twenty twos,


or the line of cabs you always seem to pass by,

hoping some attractive lady would out loud say look at that guy,

nice try, built like a slum in the back of the ghetto,

built by Gepetto with heavy metal to settle


the black top in my mind from scorching under the sun,

on the run, what have i done? stop by with a get well,

rip up the cards to shards, they don't sit well,

and find a line or rhyme until it hits well.

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