I Chose To Run & Leave

October 2013

This is why i always like girls i can never have,

cause i deserve to constantly miss out on the woman i should have,

feels like i always choose and secretly lose,

later after the decision i wonder what if? choose


between living with your past and allowing it to

desroy any future and slowly with time kill you,

love would thrill you if only you had some missing requirement,

instead i leave the park, theme retirement,


get in my car and smoke a quick bogue,

while my mind and insides go rogue,

hit the pedal and riddle exactly why,

time after time after time i sometimes cry,


passed the themes gates and little do i know,

that the girl i never expected was running to go

outside and tell me her feelings, yet she doesn't see me,

and i don't see her looking cause i chose to run and leave.

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