If It's Wasting My Time

October 2013

Sometimes thoughts bring on questions,

and more thoughts make up shitty suggestions,

no more stressin' on the little things like you,

and you and you and you and you,


remember the day when i was laid back and calm,

nothing but a random text buzzing in my palm,

a heart bomb getting prepped and ready to explode,

the second my mind couldn't handle this load,


if it's wasting my time i wish she'd tell me,

as much as i'm always there i wish someone could help me,

as the thoughts fade away all that's left are words,

and the dreams that end with the morning song of birds,


never made it as a girls dream or any girls desire,

long ago, with the help of my exes, i extinguished that fire,

yet when i retire every night, just me and I only,

i realize that i lay in a bed too lonely.

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