What On Earth More Could I Do?

October 2013

Not enough time in the day to dedicate,

my seconds not working, why meditate?

when i can dictate my emotions out on a line,

take all my painful memories and make a mental rhyme,


nothing has yet to take the place of you,

still i daily wonder what on Earth more could i do

to forget you and all our memories,

not enemies, no longer keep tabs on categories,


i sure left when it felt right, choices make us,

evident in your words "why'd you give up?"

i wanted to fight but i lived up to my dream,

i'm lonely surrounded like a Superstar on a single A team,


but i'll live, swing when i must and take when i should,

as long as you keep away in time i'll forget you for good,

unless like a few new years you decide to remain,

gave all my heart to her and all i got back is a keychain.

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