No Handle On Who You Are

September 2013

Got nothing nice to say? then don't say it,

you don't think criminals commit felonies then pray it,

do you? cause i have no handle on who you are,

you left so close, now what we had is so far,


thought you were the wood making a ride that'd thrill me,

not a wooden stake with the only intent to kill me,

how could i have had such great memories then,

and you not expect me to still miss back when,


it started so innocently, only with hugging,

only gave you the kiss when my mind started bugging,

then it moved to passenger seat mechanical bull,

only to move to my room when we knew it was full,


you were all i thought i wanted, now i don't know,

just your name involved makes me not want to go,

all the pain i was so good at keeping in,

is now pouring out in waves, not allowing love to seep in.

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