I'm Here For Who?

June 2013

Enough of the teasin, ain't it the season

to give out kisses and random pleasin?

through each hook up, yeah i still do,

i can't manage to make myself not feel you,


if this is the real you, i'm not the same,

walk out of the stadium, i'm not game,

i'll take the blame, i can live with it,

just don't say i'm the only one to miss it,


goodnight one here, morning all else where,

sleep alone cause no one else cares,

or no one shares, choosing to instead

sneak up on their emotions and leave em dead,


goodnight hate, let the sun bring some

thing that could either be love or dumb,

dear someone, i'm not here forever,

not here for Amy, for Ivy, for Stella or Heather.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry for the name drops at the end, i try my best to keep personal names out

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