Time To Put A Stop To The Decline

June 2013

I envision that decision was rough,

the revision included collision, so tough,

that love wasn't enough, but was it?

was it the distance that does it?


no need to pause it any longer, it's time,

to put a stop to the decline, time to climb,

out of rhymes and for one time be true,

do it all without one little thought of you,


it all fell through, just a stranger in a strange land,

it all collapsed, just a shitty stage hand,

all of this was unplanned, yet that hurt in what you said,

was enough to know what would be up ahead,


sometimes the person who you'd take a bullet for with vigor,

is the one who will be pulling the trigger,

they'll look and  snigger, walk off feeling accomplished,

in reality everyone looks at you with disgust, just astonished.

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