Now You

June 2013

One crash and all our moments are gone,

one fling and suddenly our fling is wrong,

one song and suddenly our love has a tune,

one hug and suddenly i'm back to last June,


come home to a familiar house, lots of no-space,

look in the mirror and don't recognize the face,

it's now time to replace all my bad habits,

quick with the tricks, release the birds and rabbits,


if i have it you can have you....

tell me a true action you'd choose to do,

unless it's less do and a lot more talk,

it's gonna be a lot less intimate, and more walk,


only you saw my balks and honestly told me,

this new me would be hated by the old me,

i say this so boldly, i love you...

tell me a true action you'd choose to do.

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