No Matter What You Say To Me

June 2013

What's wrong with staying up late, please

lets just talk all night making new memories,

i crawl through life like a centipede, many legs grooving,

the more legs one has, the more he'll be moving,


our love was so right for such a short while,

still it felt right during the difficult trial

where i was out of style, you found a new fling,

to make our fling seem like some dumb thing,


vibrate or ring, do not either, see

i could really care less about what you have to say to me,

even if i wish you had much more to say to me,

i will force myself to not care no matter what you say to me,


what makes love? i once had an answer,

now it's dead and dormant, next years cancer,

once a dancer on stage, now a dancer in my mind,

until i learn to live with the desire to rewind.

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