I Stand Awhile Staring At A Closed Door

June 2013

Closes the door, the reason she's with holdin,

until she lies and says "i didn't wanna let the cold in",

bold and stupidly i stand awhile staring at a closed door,

expecting it to open up wide like it once did before,


then it hits me, i've a soul for leaving,

a mind for unreturned love and a heart for grieving,

as much as believing all that truly hurts,

just the thought that i'm no good for anyone hurts worse,


i'm just a babbling random fool, never gonna change,

no matter how much it's desired or how strange,

clearly the ability to better myself is extinct,

seriously, is that really what you all think?


in a blink you'll wish you were better to me,

no mattter how much good you once did to me,

there's no new or old me, it's just me,

never to lie, yet many find it hard to just trust me.

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