One Lovers Glance

June 2013

From reality holding hands to my dreams i understand,

i put too much hope where i never have the upper hand,

i only reprimand the sole girls who tear my soul,

like soccer players getting paid millions, scoring is their only goal,


i used to feel love and wish to find it,

now i dread the moments where i'm reminded,

that i never had love, and can never accept it,

now i'll never open up for feelings, never expect it,


i seem to be respected then rejected so easily,

always hurts worse the more they're pleasin me,

no we don't have a reason, or much money,

all i have is a depressing past that i try to make funny,


all i need is love and it'll cure all my sickness,

one lovers glance and it'll clear my minds thickness,

wake up and still this pain stays the same,

can't shake the feeling i lost out on the rarest dame.

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