No Questions

June 2013

The click of a loaded gun wih its sights

set on the back of my head each night,

loaded with memories, it never retires,

it seems to last forever, never to expire,


tried to rewire my thoughts to erase all ammo,

instead i looked at my attacker, what do i know?

the trigger was pulled multiples times, then went silent,

as i stood there no longer able to hide it,


my past always attacks and asks no questions,

i always take the hits and ask millions of questions,

with no friendly suggestions i'm guessin i'm destined,

to always come under attack by my past, no questions,


one day i'll stand from my seat and yell "enough!"

the truth is i have never reached true love,

was only on the border trying to sneak in,

and was always left at the hole in the fence to peek in.

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