My Type of Hand Dealt

April 2013

Halfway through, at least Kath,

hasn't in the past week asked

me why i'm so nice or good to them,

it's who i am, be my flu i'll be the phlegm,


cause in the end i end up the villain,

drinkin my nights away unless i'm pillin,

to make a killin i inhale my income,

cause in the end no one else sees where i'm comin from,


and if i'm soundin dumb, it's just me and i understand,

i don't demand you to understand my type of hand,

each is dealt differently, even if i can't see,

i still treat everyone as an equal, it's just me,


yet what's crazy to me is even when i'm hurt,

the asshole routine just never seems to work,

tried to be the jerk and it only worked once,

never again will i make a girl go down back when i'm just bein upfront.

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