Don't Stop Believing

April 2013

I thought of moving on long ago,

you should know i've a million times tried to forget your show,

mind in tow, my heart holds the wheel,

always will and always has, i feel


that there is unfinished business, no maybe,

can't take sleeping for fear of seeing you lately,

what's crazy is baby i've dreamt of us,

a little more then i buy a dutch,


then use my touch to gut the insides,

my heart becomes the bully, my mind hides,

no longer a need to lie, i'm only hopin trust,

can find itself again after i fully open up,


no reason to adjust, i want you as you are,

who you are presently, i'll take all the scars,

i'm sure by far i have more, but i promise,

to never leave you like a rebellious teenage amish.

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