A Year Later

April 2013

It's absolutely positively true,

that i miss you more then i'm missing a front tooth,

the things we did and he memories made,

a year later still refuse to even slightly fade,


i tried to tell myself it was just a feeling,

i was dealt the cards and she was dealing,

i'm fine still feeling the same cause, it's true,

i only feel stronger, if not the same, for you,


even while we have barely talked, she smothers,

and i've only felt that for one other,

grab the covers, the scary story is my fears,

cause i feel much better then i almost did last year,


the start began slowly, then she rushed the end,

a year later she asks if we're still friends,

something had to change, couldn't last forever,

i'm happy we're at least friends, even if it's not yet together.

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