With An Eye Patch Over My Heart

January 2013

Waking up to loud sounds, where'd you go?

drunk off Rum in the morn from down below,

spun the life wheel, guess what i hit,

i'm a loner, a captain, a drunk pirate,


with an eye patch over my heart, it hurts some,

to know i was cut by dull, not a sharp one,

not a knife, an angel in a womans body,

no trigger, yet she managed to be the one who shot me,


you don't say what you mean, keep it hidden,

are you my Robin? is love to you forbidden?

as much as i hate it most be

calling me the living version of Ted Mosby,


hard to cry, won't try, no more tears,

deep inside must be pride, find it this year,

forget all the memories, only the faces,

so when i die i leave butterflies as traces.

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