Somewhere Down The Road You'll Be Lonely

January 2013

Giving up ain't easy, believe me,

it's hard to silently sit and watch love leave me,

none should be me, and none should make my mistakes,

one should learn from me, do whatever it takes,


when nights are lonely, music and me only,

write out the truth, don't scribble phoney,

if ever you wanted me, i'm all yours,

as long as you no longer hold me to chores,


i pray one day you will love only me,

then my desire will be tested and we'll see,

if lonely me truly believes to be in love,

or if it's only a thought there when life is tough,


enough is nothing, i give in too easily,

no wonder no girl can see love in me,

now it's only me, with choices that i never asked for,

what's more? maybe i'll succumb to pain some more.

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