Is It The Calm Before?

January 2013

Am i really who i wished i'd be?

no blips on the radar, no obstructions to see,

does this mean i sail calm waters?

or is it the calm before more heart breaking daughters?


the dark can take you down if you love,

or it can just be enough,

judge by her touch and her facial reaction,

it'll show if you're nothing but a temporary distraction,


i've hurt before and would hurt some more,

if i didn't finally give up looking through the store,

if i'm wanted she'll come; if not, oh well,

the pain will show but i'll never tell,


just take a deep breath, no one can hold me,

grab a light and spark up the bogey,

alone in my thoughts, searching for the melancholy,

i'm the foreigner and she is my Bali.

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