Last Time I'm Asking You This

January 2013

I imagine she's at gome, with a warm shoulder, not alone,

while i roam this sadness, she just moans,

isn't this all we ever wanted?

me alone and you not, me taunted,


just talking takes time, with me you deserve,

my repsonse that it's first come, first serve,

so who comes first? who leaves last?

who sticks aorund long enough to ask,


"is this really it?" a question so essential,

then can i know that she sees potential,

in me and with me, text says she missed me,

weekly i smoked more then fifty so i don't respond "you miss me?


how funny that is, go on say it again,

then pretend what we ever were was friends",

long pause, click says you long ago hung up,

like me, you long ago got hung up.

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