My Mind is Your Jungle

January 2012

Where were you last month when i was dying alone?
never will you know how long i waited by the phone,
for a call that never came, and never will,
your feelings for me took a leap off my windowsill,

you found me lost and insecure miles away,
made me feel like with you i found the right way,
but you took a left and drove out of my heart,
how could you take the good you said and tear it apart?

because of you i play to my own tune,
why the fuck do you want to see me in June?
your not only in the top right corner of this page,
my mind is your jungle where you run around caged,

but that's the price i pay, you get to kill me,
and cause of you no other girl thrills me,
once you've had the best the rest all seem simple,
why dwindle over a girl as soft as a cymbal?

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