Hearts Fast, Reactions Slow

January 2012

I'm dependable like Achilles wearin a trojan,
immovable like the wall that was up in Berlin,
hard to remember when the dismantling did begin,
all i remember is you were sweet like a violin,

some of us are hardly ever sane,
occupying our latest drug losin our brain,
poppin some Molly just to end up in Maine,
never will i forget that restless pain,

if this is what it takes to get me even higher,
i'll stay addicted to you, our love the fire,
like a loose tooth only detachable with a plyer,
how could you be unemployed when i decided to hire?

not really sure what we have but i won't fail,
you can count on me like the guy delivering your mail,
my heart races fast still loses to a snail,
even with that great shape you're a whale of a tale.

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