Just Want You

January 2012

Past couple days i've had more than an epiphany,
realized these real eyes managed to gain some dignity,
you said you had a but yet i know it is me,
makin me act childish so i call you Disney,

had her over Saturday stayed til Sunday,
morning sex in deuces than class on Monday,
don't burn me in this inferno, not the fun way,
leave me i'll be Joe Paterno, now i'm done playin,

maybe you're finally the girl i've always needed,
tree grown faster than it took you to seed it,
don't really want dome, did i plead it?
just want you, you're all i've needed,

perfect fit on my bed love to add you to it,
sure you're pure like sugar still you do it,
if it's the right answer you must choose it,
my head is on loose, when will you screw it?

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