Those Little Lips

January 2012

I gotta nod my head to this beat,
and i must always be quick on my feet,
can't just fall back and take a seat,
can't feel complete haven't seen ya in a week,

maybe if you gave me a call,
baby i wouldn't be on the edge about to fall,
crazy that you managed to end my stall,
lazy is gonna be a distant memory, Riverdale mall,

like i took a train to the side of my brain,
with you running wild up there it's hard to be sane,
finally taking my mask off, am i Kane?
easy to go left when i've wanted to switch lanes,

little lips take big sips and your's attract,
wish i could walk around with you, be compact,
stay intact during the muddiest track,
as long as those little lips don't start to attack.

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