Am I Just A Line to A Light Up?

January 2012

Am i too much to handle yet i've been dying to tell you,
anything that you wanna hear, i hope that you fell too,
lay on my shoulder, cuddle up to anything on tv,
i'm just a line to a light up but you're just a branch on a tree,

we connect and i don't burn from the flame,
we're sleeping in past the deadline for the big game,
you may be a KO but at least i went down swinging,
didn't know for "My Little Girl" for you i was singing,

how about now, too much to handle yet?
hope i won't be too little to forget,
when i don't know the but it's hard to really want to be him,
this just in for Jenna i go Batman Forever Riddler Jim,

told you i wouldn't let you leave at 1pm,
you told me i wouldn't be leaving for dogs until 7pm,
you give me a quiet mind before i was above you,
drop my heart and make a reason to love you.

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