I Chose

January 2012

I know this means there's tons to write about you,
and a million times i'll write i'll never doubt you,
well this is my now and i choose to be with you,
i chose to let you cuddle and i chose to kiss you,

this is my January, my fog covered day,
to say to you how much i love the way,
your small lips feel, take me out of my bubble,
perfect fit in the cuddle, missing piece to my puzzle,

when you know how many things you missed in the past,
you know not to constrict your heart in a cast,
after starting in last i shake and bake,
never will i forget our wake and bake,

i'd give it all away to have a text to wake up to,
for you it's true i would do enough to,
make you smile while in my arms i'd hold you tightly,
hope i at least hear from you nightly.

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