You're Perfect in a Cuddle

January 2012

If i tell you lies blood would tear from my eyes,
dinosaurs would roam the Earth and pigs would fly in the skies,
might as well just give in cause you're perfect in a cuddle,
i feel like TJ Yates with Arian Foster in the huddle,

please don't let me realize my fear and change,
act like i'm nothing to you and look at me strange,
all your weight hangs perfectly on my chest,
tell me i'm awesome again, make me feel like the best,

never have i ever stayed in bed instead of go to work,
or met a girl like you that made me go a dirka dirk,
not really sure but we may have made love,
more times than how many hands are needed for gloves,

so much to learn and i hope you'll be there to teach me,
love when you go back to MSV cause you can reach me,
last girl asked "if to attract you should i bleach me?"
still wouldn't even be enough to breach me.

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