I Don't Think Prematurely

January 2012

For once i don't think we happened prematurely,
surely girly we have each other in my bed securely,
and for once i'm only think of you purely,
never forget the day we met up so early,

not ashamed to admit your name Jenna,
damn never knew a girl could be tougher than Gemma,
eyes always tuned to you, must be your antenna,
hope we are more permanent than a Hindu's henna,

i'm probably just hoping more than it really is,
in the end i'll just sit back and be really tizz,
try and figure out where i went wrong on the quiz,
maybe i spilled it out when it fell and it fizzed,

still i love how little i think when with you,
i'm a runny nose, you are the tissue,
maybe i'll admit that i kind of miss you,
don't say bye before i get a chance to kiss you.

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