I'd Call it Love But...

January 2012

If it's not arranged i am the institution,
if the game needs change i'm the constitution,
so what you doin with a phillip unscrewin?
everything i secured now i don't know who's in,

even when i look back and always see demons chasin,
i run in front of the pack in dire need of savin,
why unroll it you know what i'm facin,
keep your feelings down before the walls cave in,

don't follow me if you don't believe i'll separate,
the ocean in two for you, climb a mountain and translate,
all the hate you had for me and make it straight,
i'd call it love but you wouldn't think it so great,

stop blowing air before you manage to pop me,
why would you tell me to come then go and stop me?
since i'm a white guy i'm able to call it oddly,
and tell you i never sat at your table cause you're wobbly.

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