One Day

January 2012

One day my eyes will open and look to my side,
see a girl i love enough to ask as my bride,
until i learn a way to increase my pride,
every girl i feel for will just have to slide,

one day i'll be able to smile and really mean it,
pick up my dirty luggage and finally clean it,
is this every thing you are leaving me here frostbit?
only warm came when you slept on my armpit,

one day i'll look back at this time and laugh,
take a look at my beautiful current staff,
just don't ask you once passed by on my behalf,
like i'll never be up to your standards, a giraffe,

one day i'll close all emotions off from the rest of the world,
leave it laying somewhere like when your hair curled,
sleeping on the one who will save me from this dream world,
cause when in the dream state reality can't unfurl.

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