The Look in your Eyes

January 2012

Sure every 24 hours we're silent you apologize,
act like all i want is what's between your thighs,
i'm nothing like the dozens of your other guys,
only grew attraction from the look in your eyes,

it's the weight of love on my under arm,
the perfect fit like two AA's in an alarm,
i promise you never will i cause you any harm,
just please put down your firearm,

what was it? did you just long for that feeling?
when you've hooked a man and got him reeling,
never would have sat at this table if i knew you were dealing,
eyes stuck on yours heart raced up to the ceiling,

i fear that this year when this storm is done,
i'll be with number two looking back at one,
and i'm sure down to four i'll surely have fun,
still looking back at one and thing i've undone.

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