In the End

January 2012

I guess i shouldn't stress when it's the price i pay,
for every unemotional act and every lie i say,
waiting for every tomorrow to be my day,
the truth hardly thrills me the same way,

why can't we talk like we used to talk,
like i'm in New Rock and she's all the way in Bangkok,
i'll grab the bottle of Cognac and put it in a headlock,
throw it from Kappock all the way to Sky View's sidewalk,

in the end i wake up half the man i was,
must be deaf i see hands clapping hear nothing cause,
i was never one to stay true to any laws,
from your toes to your jaw i spot no flaws,

maybe if i come to you during the summer we might,
U-turn from left and head back towards right,
you'd be the lighter that could only ignite,
and tonight my sorrow wouldn't reach this height.

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