He Said

January 2012

I'll be frank if i'm able to hate you,
then at one point i really wanted to date you,
like a movie on Netflix i used to rate you,
and hope that something i say would make you,

he said he was just so tired,
after a couple blunts and red bull he was just so wired,
chugging Jameson claiming all as his empire,
and finishing it all off with a Four Loko spilled on his attire,

you owe me an apology? haven't i heard that before?
followed by the same bitch claim so i close the door,
run off to my closest liquor store,
and buy more ingredients that i had before,

he said he was so sick of loving this girl,
and he was 3 more months from not thinking her a pearl,
surely girly if this were done earlier those curls,
would be right where they should on my shoulder unfurled.

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