I'll Try Again Tomorrow

January 2012

Accompany me to the jukebox, lets pick new songs,
thanks to a close friend i'll never feel wrong,
and who knows in a long time i could wake up,
to those beautiful green eyes, we could bake up,

cause your looks shake me enough, thank the lord,
that i'm not a toddler dead laying behind wooden boards,
strumming better chords and clearing all my thoughts,
i'll be able to do anything when i have our talks,

it's a new life for me, less black spots than before,
and whats more you're currently behind my door,
hopin i don't bore mistake glancing for no attraction,
when ever i see you i'm no longer a fraction,

on the day when subtraction was my least favorite action,
you became the road salt giving me better traction,
now if your reaction is one of pain and sorrow,
at least i tried and i'll try again tomorrow.

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