This Too Will Pass

January 2012

I inspect my estate from a different license plate,
doesn't take an out of body to not look so great,
at this rate i'll lose count of my encounters,
and forget what you were in all of my downers,

shut up about out of towners, i wouldn't share,
if only you would allow us to be a pair,
tell your hair to stop waving in my thoughts,
and tell your lips to stop waving in our talks,

those boot walk from the barn to my heart,
and stomp my beat out and tear it apart,
grab my books and burn it all to ash,
let the wind blow, this too will pass,

not just some ass for you i go dumb,
make me wanna smoke til i'm on my bum,
drink more rum and feel like something is missing,
see your face in every girl i'm kissing.

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