Slow Dancing on A Sinking Ship

January 2012

How can i go back to when i was always calm,
when every last line is about us working on,
every girl i cuddle with is nothing like you in my arms,
how can i ask you to save me when i've pulled some alarms,

slow song is played by then band, you can feel it too,
our hearts are the metronome, if they're in sync then it's true,
we must have hit a rock i feel like we're doomed,
pause the happiest moment so far, watching Breaking Bad with you in my room,

how can you act like it's nothing, who else can i draw?
don't dare say you're nothing to me, only hope i ever saw,
i'll make the most of my situation, you'll be distant cause you can,
you hurt me just to push me think all i wanted was something you don't understand,

i'm the king of the world, with you it's a trip,
only players where my words don't skip,
i'm in love with you when you just want to dip,
we must be slow dancing on a burning ship.

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