Come Back With Me

January 2012

Everything written just feels like bullshit and,
i don't know where the truth starts and lies end,
i don't know how i can be in love and stay a friend,
thought i knew it all til i saw the spoon bend,

i used to make the people around me proud,
never used to hear memories play so loud,
wish i would've known you mixed my drink with doubt,
i might have just donated that liquid to the drought,

many nights my phone rang and i never slanted,
now i'm able to admit i took you for granted,
feel like a loyal dog always running and pantin,
i want us to be more than just rantin,

come back with me as i replay those nights,
before you took a left everything felt right,
took me to a high and removed my fear of heights,
come back with me as i replay those nights.

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