It's A Site (Sightseeing)

January 2012

Distant light that points me in the right way,
you used those three words i might say,
that i had those feelings for you every day,
if only love wasn't some sort of child's play,

maybe then i wouldn't need clips or this pipe,
you once kept me clean, just an ass wipe,
now you're only around like dust where i type,
www. your face in my mind, it's a site,

these regrets are the price i pay for all my lies,
she is the one who keeps me from all my tries,
why must we start so soon just to die?
why has our full reservoir finally gone dry?

you are the cashier i've waited in line for,
now i want to leave the store can't take no more,
don't care what's in store as long as you're,
somewhere around in my life behind some door.

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