I'm the Dead Undead

January 2012

Walking this abyss i realize i am the maker,
being followed by my memories of mistakin her,
what're you achin for a lonely baker?
blinded by a faker more hype than a Laker,

all i need is that one moment when i roll out of bed,
and understand all my problems are in my head,
makin me less than a zombie i'm the dead undead,
maybe i wish i could be there instead,

what's another day wasted by me thinking,
replaying that one moment you were winking,
not sure when you turned never saw you blinking,
set enough traps and now i'm sinking,

running through this darkness locked in my room,
tripping on life like i only eat shrooms,
just a dust pile swept away by your broom,
everyone get away i am surely doomed.

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