Keep it Nice & Neat

January 2012

It's the price i pay, for being too kind,
and this one girl, has stuck in my mind,
maybe baby for you i'd throw childish things behind,
if only you'd talk like you used to, i need to rewind,

will you call my cell, like you used to call,
you are the way up but to do that i fall,
in the end will you remember me at all?
your head fit perfect on my shoulder like a painting in a hall,

why can't we flirt when it's all we have,
if i bought anything i'd give you half,
doctor checked my graph and i thought i'd laugh,
another broken hear has joined my packed staff,

i get the feeling that you're fighting to leave,
and that gives me the feeling of hitting concrete,
all alone this life is anything but sweet,
just keep it nice and neat no need to cheat.

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