What is Life?

January 2012

What is life? life is like a big maze,
plaguing you with your past and regretting your ways,
thinking you called the plays when you do what she says,
wasting all your days thinking being quiet really pays.

What are friends? friends are closer than enemies,
with fake personalities and secret identities,
just a reason for me to drink some more Hennessy,
not like i don't have more ends to free.

What is money? money is the root of all bad,
making millionaires mistake being content with being glad,
makes a person like me take a pen to a pad,
cause creativity was all i ever had.

What is life? life is a giant wall blocking you,
a big bully knocking you back when you think it's true,
always happens right on cue who do i listen to?
when my ears are only tuned to you.

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