Sick of One Worded Responses

January 2012

Someone should've told you sometimes when you push away,
it only makes me love you more, no easier way,
makes me happier than i am on any of my pay days,
i'd fall for you screaming out fake may days,

got another girl and soon i'll forget all about you,
just be another dictator, i'll regret all about you,
and it's true then when it came to you i thought i knew,
not my fault you were spittin spew, none of it's true,

at one point you wanted me and at multiple i desired,
sick of all these one worded responses, i'm tired,
push you out like it's 99 degrees and i perspired,
push you out like you're metro card expired,

apparently it's sad to see i can't be your superman,
the components have been misplaced like a lot full of minivans,
why do you make me feel like i just got hit by a frying pan?
don't worry for you i shortened my attention span.

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