Can't Be All We Have

January 2012

I guess heartbreaks the price you pay for lies you've told,
it never gets old like on the shady side of the tree, mold,
and when it gets cold you merely have to call,
just tell me to jump and immediately i'd fall,

how come drunk is the only way we laugh,
that can't seriously be all that we have,
have you put childish actions like umbrellas behind us,
you know how sorry i am, do you know you can trust?

will you lay with me like we used to lay on the slide,
rejected me twice but it never murdered my pride,
did we lose all sober magic as soon as i hurt you?
i wasn't over my past, i should have meant to alert you,

you are the wick to my candle, it all makes sense,
only spy able to pass my primary defense,
i've waited here forever for someone exactly like you,
if only you'd tell me you'd love for me to try to.

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