It Was Very Clear

January 2012

A silly addiction our bodies warm from the friction,
your brains an addition, my emotions are fiction,
cause when i lost em i didn't bother to stop,
kept my feet moving forward toward a cop,

not an officer of the law but a small green bush,
well i didn't even care if it was sour or kush,
all that mattered was there thoughts leave my head,
hardly able to lay motionless in my bed,

take me back to your place i'll wait as you peek,
and help me enter your room as a complete sneak,
paint the white walls black and turn off all the lights,
i forget all my wrongs and ease into my rights,

you're my favorite burden when i'm flying high,
hard to believe i was not going to try,
really didn't have to do much it was very clear,
that she wanted to be my second hookup of the year.

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