Yet Another One Nighter

January 2012

It's 5 AM again and i' stuck hearin these echoes,
where the sound comes from nobody knows,
why can't i just admit another girl got to me,
parked her mouth in the perfect spot for me,

maybe you have the hots for me tonight it's you,
that helps me realize there is a reason to push through,
even when i had the fear of your dad waking up,
i was still busy making out and making up,

sure i bake enough but it barely hits,
you could be a reason to call it quits,
yet another girl who only wants a one night stand,
well for a superstar like you i'm easily a fan,

so here's the plan i'll just keep it all down,
and live with the possibility of seeing you around,
pass the next toll and pay the next fee,
only pull a U-turn if tomorrow you text me.

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